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Makassar towards World Digital City

Besides, the administration in all government institutions can be easily accessed online.

Makassar towards World Digital City
Dozens of ladies in uniform; white blouse with black trousers and a piece of red scarf, are welcoming the participants of ASEAN Mayors Forum (AMF) 2015 on the Losari Beach Porch,Wednesday (9/9/2015). 

MAKASSAR, TRIBUN-TIMUR.COM- Towards World Digital City was the core topic of the discussion among the mayors in ASEAN Mayors Forum.

Makassar Mayor, Danny Pomanto, stated the concept of city base of information technology will cover all aspects of life.

β€œAt the first stage, we are applying an online system for every transaction in Makassar which is monitored in real time. I can imagine how people shop using a particular card. All the transactions can be monitored integrated in a bank,” Pomanto stated.

Therefore, he continued, the individual buying power can be controlled for government fund and citizen purposes as well as entrepreneurs to control markets.

He added, the government performance regarding the program and fund transparency is also controlled through the internet and online system.

β€œIt prevents our government staff from corruption as their activities will be controlled directly by the society,” he said.

Besides, the administration in all government institution can be easily accessed online.

An e-Office is one of the applications used to support and facilitate the administration stuffs such as letter disposition, license administration and the like through paperless system.

This service provides efficient bureaucracy management application through e-Kelurahan, e-PTSTP Licensing, e-Tax and supporting system of city service performance.

Just recently, the integrated health service system such as ambulance and specialist medical doctor can be accessed in real time. (*)

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