MTQ Mahasiswa Nasional XII

Berikut Bahan Debat Bahasa Inggris-Arab

MTQ Mahasiswa Nasional XII di Universitas Muslim Indonesia Makassar, 10-15 Juli 2011

MAKASSAR, TRIBUN-TIMUR.COM - Berikut ini informasi mengenai bahan Debat Kandungan Al-Qur'an dalam Bahasa Arab dan Bahasa Inggris, di ajang MTQ Mahasiswa Nasional XII di Universitas Muslim Indonesia Makassar, 10-15 Juli 2011 mendatang.

1. This House Believes That in vitro-fertilization should be banned

2. This House supports under age women to do surrogacy

3. This House Would ban voluntary medical testing

4.  This House Believes That parents should only use natural family planning

5.  This House Would  allow abortion on the ground of permanent physical deformity

6.  This House Would ban abortion in all stages of pregnancy

7.  This House Believes That Euthanasia is the right of the individual

8.  This House Believes That organ transplant is justifiable

9.  This House would prohibit medical
 testing to animal

10. This House would ban derivatives instrument capital market/ money market   

11. This House supports life insurance

12. This House Would allow bank interest

13. This House supports free trade

14. This House Would ban all forms of religious gender discrimination

15. This House Believes That women should be considered equal to men  

16. This House would apply a lower rate of income tax to women

17. This House Believes That non-voters should be allowed/legalized

18. This House would torture terrorist suspects

19. This House  Believes That corruptors should be sentenced to death

20. This House would criminalize adultery

21. This House Believes That secularism leads to nihilism

22. This House supports MUI to ban boxing

23. This House would disapprove cloning

24. This House Believes That we should stop using nuclear power

25. This House Believes That drugs/ sex education should be carried out by outside agencies and not by teachers
26.  This House Believes That we should ban all private schools from sanctioning students  Who exhibit homosexual behavior

27.   This House Believes That global warming is the responsibility of the first world countries

28.  This House would make the Directors of multinational companies personally liable for environmental abuses committed by their companies in the developing world.(*)

Prof Dr Djoko Santoso (Direktur Jenderal Pendidikan Tinggi Kemendiknas)

Penanggung Jawab Harian:
Prof Dr Hj Masrurah Mokhtar (Rektor UMI Makassar)

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